Repairs of Indoor/Outdoor Surfaces

Make use of our long-term experience. We will provide you with free-of-charge advisory work regarding reconstruction of your sportsground. We will come at your place, inspect the place and advise you and propose an optimal solution tailored to your requirements, wishes and financial possibilities. We will secure professional and precise implementation of modern sports ground with the use of top materials of the leading Czech, European and American companies (you will find no Polish or Chinese suppliers with us). We will carry out regular guarantee inspections. We will secure regular operational and maintenance service.


Repairs of indoor sports flooring

With regard to our rich experience, we are able to professionally repair, resurface or completely rebuild any old playing surfaces, especially worn-out PVC covering, old wooden floors, parquets or polyurethane floors. If you are annoyed by an unsuitable floor or worn-out parquets in the hall or gym, we will professionally carry out complete reconstruction. Moreover, with such appropriate repair, we are able to save hundreds of thousand crowns to our customers. We also carry out complete repairs of old floors LOBADUR in gyms. Do not wait until injury occurs!

Repairs of tennis surfaces

We carry out renewals and retopping (general overhauls) of old PVC floors (Taraflex, GreenSet) and hard courts by covering the old surface with a new layer. Thereby there comes to big saving of time and money as it is not necessary to anyhow intervene in the existing sub-base. Retopping is  carried out with the use of top tennis surfaces from Dutch company HERCULAN. These surfaces may be modified exactly according to your demands on speed of the court (certification ITF 2, 3, 4). We also carry out renewals of hard courts with branded surface PLEXICUSHION PRESTIGE (official surface of the Australian Open). 

Repairs of outdoor sports surfaces

We can supply the removal and patching of raised, sunken, worn, torn, or delaminated areas. We also respray and resurface worn high volume areas around your track. We carry out general repairs of surfaces of multipurpose playfields, schoolyards or playgrounds. We will secure complete reconstruction of fields with artificial grass, acrylic or polyurethane surfaces and tartan fields. We carry out local repairs, reinforcement sprays, colour sprays, new layers of EPDM surfaces, which substantially prolong the lifetime of the old surface including complete track restriping of all lane lines and event markings. In case of need, we will carry out complete exchange of the surface for the new one. Further, we carry out complete lining of fields including repair, exchange and revision of sports equipment, fencing and movables. We will carry out a technical design of reconstruction, pricing for an investor including an itemized budget of the construction.

Newly in our offer, you can find an entirely new machine for complete renovation of artificial grass. In the CR it is an entirely unique machine and the only piece - ELIMINATOR!

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