Sports Halls

Let us introduce versatile technology of production of self-supporting assembled halls to you. Assembled arch halls are built by means of the 2in1 system where the supporting structure also fulfils the function of sheathing.



Big saving during construction may be achieved with unique technology of self-supporting arch of the HUPRO® system. Arch constructions are the most efficient spatial structures. They are light, however, extraordinarily strong and firm. Resourceful connection of static principles of vault and shell (formed by longitudinal and crosswise forming of basic steel part in the W shape) is applied without any problems, particularly, in big spans with the use of covered surface up to the width of 42m. Basic part is made of structural steel S 320 with surface finish ALUZINC® from 0,8 to 2 mm gross, in dependence on the span of the hall and climatic conditions of the place of construction. Connecting of individual parts is carried out with the aid of stainless joints. Steel arch construction is anchored into foundations directly with the aid of steel anchors. The advantage being also relatively low weight of steel construction as opposed to other building materials. This advantage carries substantially lower demands on the founding of the structures and also reduction of costs of transport and assembly. Excellent static properties of this system are utilizable in extreme weather conditions, the construction is resistant to earthquakes measuring up to 7 on the Richter scale. Arch HUPRO may be built up to the span of 44m and we work even on the system which enables to build the hall up to the span of 50m. Length of the hall is not limited so there is no problem to build the hall of e.g. 44 x 80 m.


HUPRO® System is certified with CE designation. Investors are thus guaranteed that the product which we offer fulfils the strictest criteria not only with the type of used material (Aluzinc®, anticorrosion joints...), but also with production of construction and subsequent output checking.

Foundations and anchoring

Founding and anchoring of the HUPRO hall is very easy and undemanding. Steel arch construction is anchored into foundations directly with the aid of steel anchors. Advantage of the system being relatively low weight of steel construction as opposed to other building materials so it is not necessary to build so massive foundations as with common structures. This advantage carries substantially lower demands on the founding of a structure and also reduction of costs of transport and assembly.  All points of contact of the anchoring elements are visible, which enables to carry out - at any time - the visual check or in case of need to simply remove the whole construction and to build it again at a different place.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation may be carried out by means of more variants of insulation with the use of various surface touches from the visual part of the interior of the hall. By insulating the self-supporting construction, we can also achieve fire resistance of the whole structure according to requirements.


Air exhaustion

Hall is standardly equipped with the system of active aeration. In case of thermally insulated hall, aeration of the space between the inner shell of the hall and insulation is secured by side suction ventilators in the bottom part of the shell of the hall and by active roof ventilators Lomanco® in the top of the hall. This system functioning on the principle of thermodynamic lift secures sufficient quantity of aeration of the space without creation of excessive moisture.


Daily light

Daily light comes in through the Hupro® brightening panels of the size of 2800 mm x 610 mm fitted in the self-supporting shell of the hall. In front ends of the hall, it is possible to use common windows for brightening, or brightening strips.

Front/rear ends

Front/rear ends may be made by means of several variants. The most used and the simplest variant being construction of front-ends from self-supporting trapezoidal sheets which may be - if required - additionally insulated thermally. Another alternative to the construction of front-ends being a possibility of use of light "partition" poles in combination with trapezoidal sheets or sandwich panels. Front-ends of the hall may be also constructed from other building materials according to the requirements of the investor, such as masonry, concrete, wood or by combination of such materials.


Individual basic parts of the system are connected by rustless joints from which a compact constructional whole is created directly on the construction site after assembly. Individual wholes are then - with the aid of crane technology - lifted and fixed with the aid of steel anchors into foundations. Construction of a structure of the size of 1000 m2 is carried out standardly within 14 days.


Basic parts of the system Hupro is delivered on pallets of the size of 700 x 3100 mm. On one pallet it is possible to transport such a number of parts which will cover approx. 100m2 of ground area after assembly. One lorry will transport material which will cover approx. 1000m2 of ground area, which represents significant saving of transport costs.


We offer you comprehensive project and supply services. We elaborate for you project documentation (PD for zoning permission procedure or building permit, PD for the carrying out of a structure). We will secure complete delivery and assembly of the hall. We will be pleased to visit you and help you to implement your ideas with our experience and expertise. We will make a free-of-charge study of the hall for you and after its approval, we can proceed to the carrying out of project material. Do you need to roof an ice arena or any other (sports) structure in the course of several days? No problem. Sports halls HUPRO are an ideal solution for you.

Main advantages of HUPRO® technology:
  • Low purchase costs, informational price of the hall 36 x 18m is 5mio exclusive of VAT.
  • Fast and undemanding assembly - assembly of the hall with the area of 1000 m2 will be carried out within 14 days.
  • 25 years of guarantee for our technology.
  • Lifetime of the hall being 70 - 100 years.
  • Width, height, and length of the hall may be unlimitedly adjusted according to your requirements.
  • Attractive design - arch halls are highly visible and are even seen from great distance.
  • Our halls have a broad application with their properties and design for various use. 
  • Technology allows to build the hall up to the width ranging from 9 - 42 m in 21 standard types.
  • The system allows construction of arbitrary length of the assembled hall with a possibility of gradual extension.


Enjoy the video showing the construction of a Multi-purpose Sports Hall in the town of Šťáhlavy, which was carried by our company.
How HUPRO sports halls are built - here
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