Indoor Sports Flooring

All indoor sports take place more or less on sports flooring. Particularly, PE classes and sport at school must guarantee health and safety of children. In top-level or club sports, quality sports floor is a prerequisite for top performances. However, sports activity only forms a part of use of sports halls and gyms. They often serve for other purposes (conferences, balls, concerts), and therefore, sports floor must be easily maintainable, resistant, and may not be subject to changes in operation. All these requirements are fulfilled by Polyurethane (PU) Sport Flooring.

Pad & Pour Polyurethane Systems (HERCULAN, CONIPUR, PULASTIC, ALSAGYM)

Seamless Polyurethane PU Floors are rapidly gaining popularity both among sportsmen and also among investors, especially due to their universality, great playing properties or minimum demands on maintenance. These floors are also very easily repairable. Floors fulfil top parametres in categories such as shock absorption, elasticity, ball rebound, slide properties, and especially safety. Elastic rubber pads provide the whole system with elasticity which allows not only comfortable movement and entire safety, but also protects joints and locomotive system of sportsmen against wear by the influence of impact energy. Due to such properties, pour PU floors are appropriate also for children at kindergartens and primary/basic schools as there occurs no injury in case of tripping or falling. Point Elastic Polyurethane Floors are resistant to water or moisture, temperature fluctuations in gyms, leaked water from the roof or broken radiator, and the like.


HERCULAN is a Dutch producer of top polyurethane floors for gyms and multi-purpose sport halls. Regarding its parametres Herculan MF Blue meets the most demanding criteria imposed on sports flooring. Long life, invariable properties - it remains flexible for a long time, ideal for floorball, futsal, badminton, volleyball, handball, etc. One of the best quality pour polyurethane materials EX 800 EX 800 is used for its installation (Elongation at Break = 190%!!!) Moreover, multifunctional surfaces HERCULAN may be adjusted, due to the construction of individual layers, to the requirements of individual investors. Surface is also appropriate for occasional social-cultural events. More at here.
Newly in our offer, you can find Herculan RH indoor polyurethane flooring for roller skates and wheelchair users.


Point Elastic Indoor Sports Surfacing System - Top Elastic Polyurethane Sports Floor designed for multi-purpose sports halls, school gyms, specialized tennis halls and gymnastics halls. Floor is designed for all ball games including floorball. Resultant surface is seamless,  permanently elastic thanks to used materials, resistant to moisture, anti-slide, easy for maintenance and easily repairable. Flooring is appropriate also in case of use of floor heating. In the modification, it is appropriate for social-cultural events. Tested according to DIN 18032/2, EN 14904, IHF and FIBA Approved (International Handball Federation, and International Basketball Federation). Lifetime of 20 - 30 years. Material safety data sheet here.


Hardwood flooring - solid oak, beech

Wooden sports flooring is used for sports halls and gyms. They are produced from water-resistant plywood and wear layer from noble woody plants - especially from beech or oak. Parts are assembled onto a prepared flexible grate which secures area-wide flexibility of the whole floor. Wooden floors on a flexible grate are very popular especially where basketball is played. Recently, they have been considerably replaced with artificial playing surfaces, less demanding on maintenance and susceptible to repairs caused by moisture. Wooden floors belong among the so called area-widely elastic sports surfaces (unlike artificial, cast floors, which are POINT elastic). More about these two types of flooring can be found at here.


Repairs of indoor sports surfaces and flooring

With regard to our rich experience, we are able to professionally repair, resurface or completely rebuild any old sports surfaces, especially worn-out PVC covering, old wooden floors, parquets or polyurethane floors. If you are annoyed by an unsuitable floor or worn-out parquets in the hall or gym, we will professionally carry out complete reconstruction. Moreover, with such appropriate repair, we are able to save hundreds of thousand crowns to our customers. We also carry out complete repairs of old floors LOBADUR in gyms. Do not wait until injury occurs!

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