Tennis Surfaces

In principle, we recognize 4 types of artificial surfaces on which tennis is played:
  • Clay - it is the slowest surface. Ball has higher and slower bounce. An advantage being lower purchase costs and playing qualities of the surface which suit most players. A disadvantage being relatively demanding maintenance (preparation before the season, every-day maintenance, sprinkling, winterization) and relatively short playing season. The latest generation of clay courts Pavitex Clay Tech, however, eliminates most of such disadvantages.
  • Hard surfaces - these are surfaces faster than clay, however, slower than artificial grass. On fast surfaces, the ball has smaller bounce and bounces logically faster. At present, hard courts belong to the most favourite surfaces, especially due to their variability (fastness of the surface may be arbitrarily adjusted according to the needs of an investor), universality, great playing qualities and minimum demands on maintenance. These are surfaces for professional tennis, and also recreational playing.
  • Artificial grass - it is the fastest surface with the lowest bounce. Due to modern technology of production of artificial grass, speed of the surface may be thus adjusted very easily. Artificial grass designated for tennis with silica sand dry-shake topping is characterized by lower height of fibre. Mainly those players are successful there who adhere to a service-volley playing style, i.e. fast service out of the court in combination with run-up to the net.
  • Special tennis carpets - one of the most favourite indoor surfaces of the present day being special carpets with rubber EPDM granulate dry-shake topping Pavitex TopSlide. Entirely faithful simulation of clay surface without any shortcomings of clay - dusting, necessity to sprinkle or taking clay out of the court. Qualities of the surface may be, moreover, modified by a quantity of rubber granulate.



New generation of clay courts, fully-fledged substitute of clay. Special tennis carpet for outdoor and indoor use with dry-shake topping from genuine clay, built by means of completely different technology than you are used to. You will not distinguish it from genuine clay! Great playing qualities, ideal and exact bounce at all places of the court, non-demanding maintenance, long playing season, artificial maintenance-free lines. Sprinkling of the surface is carried out as necessary, however, it is much less frequent and intensive than with normal clay. Lifetime of the surface being tens of years when maintaining correctly. Surface is classified as ITF class 1 – slow. Appropriate for outdoor courts, for inflatable and also fixed halls. Maximum playing comfort, reduction of load onto ankles, knees and backs of players. Surface playable in any weather with constantly the same bounce of the ball. Low demands on maintenance with minimum consumption of water significantly reduce costs of operation and annual renewal of the court. Pavitex Claytech allows quick entry to the court even after heavy rains. Surface is constantly compact regardless of playing load or absence of maintenance. Ideal for renovation of hard courts. Exclusive implementation in the CR – Hotel Popovičky near Prague.



Artificial clay. PE carpet covered with genuine clay. Indistinguishable from common clay court.  

Hard courts


Since 2008 an official surface of the Australian Open. This first-rate acrylic surface is improved as opposed to other hard surfaces by flexible interlayer. It consists of 3 layers of gross granulate, 3 layers of fine granulate and 3 layers of top colour paint. Certified ITF 2. Official partner of ATP and WTA. One of the most favourite and most frequently used surfaces in the world, both for professional tennis, and for recreational playing. Surface is appropriate for the interior and exterior, it is non-slip when it is wet, easily repairable and is capable of being renovated - area-widely - very easily. Select the brand with respect to which the best tennis is played. We are the official distributor of such surfaces for the CR! More info here.


Elastic polyurethane sports surface with a special structure. Surface does not have any visible connections, it is applied by casting in one layer - it is jointless. First-rate, fully sprung tennis surface which may be designed exactly according to your requirements for the speed of the ball. Uniqueness of this surface being in its elasticity, which is appreciated particularly by recreational players, but at the same time it is appropriate for top-level preparation and professional competitions. This surface is easily maintained and is capable of being repaired very easily or being wholly covered with a new non-slip layer. Thus, it has very low costs of operation and renewal in the long run. Use: outdoor tennis courts, tennis halls. More info here.


If you require a surface which is very resistant, however, at the same time reduces impacts and vibrations and guarantees safe movement and comfort for players, we recommend the following surface: Courtsol Comfort. It is a four-layer acrylic system supplemented with a flexible rubber pad which considerably increases flexibility of such surface. Ideal for tennis (ITF classified 3 - medium), the surface is, however, very universal, designated for all ball sports - basketball, volleyball, foot tennis, handball, and other ball and racket sports. Appropriate for sports centres, schools, fitness centres, municipal multi-purpose sports grounds, recreational and relaxation centres, sports halls, etc. ITF classification here.



It is a special racing surface for top-level tennis. As a matter of interest - a final event of the tennis season "Masters Tournament" in London is played thereon, among other things. It is produced - in modification - with a flexible pad which is appreciated, especially, by recreational players. Regular and exact bounce of the ball is appreciated by every player. Extremely appropriate for tennis halls. ITF classified.


Artificial grass


KCarpets of new generation from an English company. It is a miles better quality substitute of old or worn-out artificial grass (multifunctional fields, school or football pitches and tennis courts). Carpets VHAF® NottsSward® have - as opposed to classic artificial grass - not only much better playing qualities, but at the same time, substantially bigger lifetime. It lets through area-widely, fibres are thinner and denser, which prevents taking out sand off the carpet. Due to great sliding and bouncing properties and smaller load for joints and muscles, it is an ideal surface for an absolute majority of sports. Among investors, their popularity is increasing due to smaller demands on maintenance, lower operational costs, possibility of easy year-round installation, and very attractive appearance (availability in 15 colours!). Due to undemanding and fast installation, it is an ideal solution in modernization of worn-out sports fields with maximum saving of costs. It is not classic artificial grass, but a special carpet with silica sand! More info here.


Czech Republic. Great prices, fast delivery. Artificial grass Jutagrass simulates natural grass and in many respects it exceeds it. Grass JUTA is produced solely from highly-quality and very resistant polythene fibres guaranteeing high UV stability and durability of the whole surface. Factories dispose of the latest production line in Europe.
  • JUTA Fast Track 15 - special multisport grass designated also for tennis, allows slide similarly as on clay.
    44.094 puncture marks/m2, silica sand dry-shake topping, height of fibres 15-17 mm. ITF class 4 medium-fast. Green, red, blue colours.
  • JUTA Fast Track 18 - special grass designated especially for tennis, allows slide similarly as on clay.
    44.094 puncture marks/m2, silica sand dry-shake topping, height of fibres 18-20 mm. Green, red colours.



We offer you artificial grass of the Swiss company SPORTISCA. It is grass of entirely exceptional qualities for demanding customers who are able to appreciate top parametres of such products. SPORTISCA produces classic AG for outdoor tennis, and also special indoor tennis carpets. We are the official exclusive distributor for the CR and SR! More about grass SPORTISCA here.


Tennis carpets


carpet with the structure of rice grain. It is covered with EPDM granulate, whereby it faithfully simulates the properties of clay. ITF category 2 medium-slow. Membrane from synthetic coated fibres guarantees high-playing comfort - sole (of the foot) smoothly moves, it may turn and freely slide across the surface, which considerably reduces a risk of injury. Low demands on maintenance. Appropriate only for indoor installation. Carpet is glued directly on concrete surface without a necessity of using rubber pad, which significantly reduces costs of the installation of the surface. Exclusive implementation: Tennis hall Hranice na Moravě, in October 2013 tennis hall Suchdol nad Odrou. Previous generation installed in the tennis hall in Zábřeh na Moravě, where it has been serving for more than 14 years. Brochure in English may be downloaded at here.

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