Artificial Grass

Artificial grass presents a very popular alternative to the surface appropriate especially for tennis courts, for school fields and for football pitches. Artificial grass is used as a substitute of classic sports surfaces (tennis, football), particularly, of natural grass, clay surface (allows slide as on clay), concrete or asphalt surfaces. Construction of fields with artificial grass is highly economical. It does not require a complex substructure that would increase purchase costs, and also the prices of artificial grass as such are very advantageous. The only disadvantage being shorter lifetime in connection with frequent use. It is necessary to also think of the position of the field and thereto related maintenance - field near the forest or on the northern side is more demanding with respect to the maintenance. Lifetime is approx. 10 years according to conditions. It is no exaggeration to say that the surface may be designated as year-round, in winter it is possible to clear the snow or splash it with water to make an ice-rink. Instructions for maintenance here.

We secure professional delivery and assembly of artificial grass on tennis courts, school or football pitches, we cooperate with the leading European producers - Czech company JUTA, Swiss company SPORTISCA and English company NOTTS SPORT.


Carpets of new generation from an English company. It is a miles better quality substitute of old or worn-out artificial grass (multifunctional fields, school or football pitches and tennis courts). Carpets VHAF® NottsSward® have - as opposed to classic artificial grass - not only much better playing qualities, but at the same time, substantially bigger lifetime. It lets through area-widely, fibres are thinner and denser, which prevents taking out sand off the carpet. Due to great sliding and bouncing properties and smaller load for joints and muscles, it is an ideal surface for an absolute majority of sports. Among investors, their popularity is increasing due to smaller demands on maintenance, lower operational costs, possibility of easy year-round installation, and very attractive appearance (availability in 15 colours!). Due to undemanding and fast installation, it is an ideal solution in modernization of worn-out sports fields with maximum saving of costs. More info here.


Czech Republic. Great prices, fast delivery. Artificial grass JUTAgrass simulates natural grass and in many respects it perfectly exceeds it. Grass JUTA is produced solely from highly-quality and very resistant polythene fibres guaranteeing high UV stability and durability of the whole surface. Factories dispose of the latest production line in Europe.
  • JUTA Fast Track 15 - special multisport grass appropriate for all ball games and also for tennis, allows slide as on clay. Ideal for multi-purpose school or communal fields.
    44.094 puncture marks/m2, silica sand infill, fibre height 15-17 mm. ITF class 2 medium-slow. Green, red, blue colours.  Technical sheet to be downloaded here.
  • JUTA Fast Track 18 - special grass designated especially for tennis (allows slide similarly as on clay), however, it is also appropriate for multi-sport use.
    44.094 puncture marks/m2, silica sand infill, fibre height 18-20 mm. ITF class 4 medium-fast. Green, red colours.  Technical sheet to be downloaded here.
  • JUTA Multisport Basic P20 – multi-purpose grass for school fields (multi-functional use) filled with silica sand with oval grain. Surface is comfortable for movement of players. Relatively "open" construction allows silica sand to be "rolled away", i.e. to remain movable so that the player can slide down to the ball. 27.297 puncture marks/m2, silica sand dinfill, height of fibres 20-22 mm.
  • JUTA Champion 60/140 - it is a special carpet for football. Grass is placed on the pitch of Slovan Liberec and is certified by FIFA**. The carpet´s hair/strand height is 60 mm with strengthened monofilament - non-fraying strand, dTex 18000/8, which guarantees long life. Infill  sand and rubber granulate. At present, it is the best model as far as the proportion of price/quality is concerned. Warranty of 60 months.
  • JUTA WINNER 55/140 - umělý trávník 3. generace (UT3G), monofilament, zásyp pískem a gumovým granulátem. Určen výhradně na profi fotbal, 100% PP, výška vlasu 55 mm, 8.819 vpichů/m2. Technický list ke stažení zde.



We offer you artificial grass of the Swiss company SPORTISCA. It is grass of entirely exceptional qualities for demanding customers who are able to appreciate top parametres of such products. SPORTISCA produces classic AG for outdoor tennis, and also special indoor tennis carpets. We are the official exclusive distributor for the CR and SR! More about grass SPORTISCA here.



We carry out deep cleaning and aeration of dated artificial grass including an exchange of old silica sand. All that with the aid of the strongest machine in the CR - ELIMINATOR.




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